Solar Panel



While solar panel cleaning is relatively new in the UK, it has been around in other parts of the world for a very long time. At Hampson Homes, we offer solar panel cleaning to both residential and commercial buildings. Using our latest solar panel cleaning equipment we can clean buildings up to 60ft from the ground, however, armed with our Ipaf access license we are yet to find a solar array at a height that we cannot clean.

Why clean your solar panels

Dust particles, tree and plant sap, lichens and bird droppings are the main culprits of things that can create a build up of dirt on your solar panels. This dirt then creates shading and prevents the sunlight from reaching the cells, this, in turn, leads to 


Poor performance

Loss of efficiency

Permanent and modular staining

Lower financial return on investment

Ineffective warranty

Some solar panel manufacturers have made solar panel cleaning a condition in their warranties. Without proof of regular cleaning by a professional company, you may find your warrant void. It is also clearly documented that after solar panels are cleaned there is a clear increase in efficiency, on industrial and commercial sites there have been increases of up to 60% and on residential sites an increase of up to 21%.  It is therefore advisable for both securing the best return on investment and making sure your warranty stays valid to have your solar panels cleaned every 6 months.


Can I clean them myself?

This is a frequently asked question and the answer is no. Solar panel cleaning is something that shouldn't be undertaken unless qualified to do so, risks include damage, ineffective cleaning, and most importantly electric shock. At Hampson homes are staff are fully trained and insured to carry out solar panel cleaning.


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