Roof Cleaning


Your home is probably your most expensive purchase and therefore protecting and maintaining the roof that protects you should be high on your priority list. Roof cleaning can really improve your home or business's overall look and curb appeal. However, a dirty roof won't just cause your building to look unsightly it can actually cause a lot of unnecessary damage to your property.

The stains and growth patches that you commonly see on a lot of roofs in the UK are generally caused by algae, fungus and moss and all three of these can damage your roof through shingle deterioration and wood rot.



Algae is a bacterium that feeds off both asphalt and limestone, that means that these organisms are literally eating away at your shingles.


Lichen colonies

lichen colonies damage the shingles by their penetrating tentacles creating pockmarks where they grow and eventually ruining the shingles.



Moss is the most damaging as it has the ability to hold in moisture and divert water making your roof susceptible to wood rot and leaks. Moss growth is easy to spot but the signs of wood rot are not always obvious. Wood rot not only shortens the life of your roof but can also cause mold growth which can be hazardous to homeowners and their pets.


A professional clean from Hampson Homes roof cleaning team can help to:


Restore your roof aesthetically making it look new again.


Improve roof longevity while also saving you time, money and effort.


Improve the structural stability by removing mold, algae, lichens, and moss.


Help lower your energy bills with the safe removal of moss that overtime impacts upon roof insulation.


Protect your investment by improving the outside appearance of your business or home. 


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