Graffiti Removal


We all know not everyone's vision of wall art is the same as Banksy, and Graffiti is an act of vandalism that unfortunately is an ongoing problem across the U.K. It can make your home or business look unsightly and is often offensive. The presence of graffiti often has a negative impact on businesses, home value and the surrounding area.

At Hampson Homes we understand that some incidents of graffiti can be incredibly abusive, upsetting and even promote hate discrimination. That's why we offer an out of hours service to make sure it's removed as quickly as possible and at a time that suits either your personal or business needs.


Our professional cleaning team removes all types of graffiti including paint, aerosol, and etching. We take the utmost care to ensure that no damage is caused to the building or the environment.

We can remove Graffiti from the following



Concrete & tarmac


Painted surfaces.

Windows and shutters.

High-level removal.

Road signs.

Playground equipment.

  And many more...


For any further information or advice please contact us.